Whims & Whams

WhimWham, LLC Halloween Booing

You've Been Booed!

It's the season for tricks and treats! Join in the "Boo-ing" tradition and surprise your neighborhood friends with a little spooky or sweet treat!
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WhimWham, LLC Bookmark DIY

Scrap Wrap Idea!

Don’t throw away your scrap gift wrap! We have found just the project to put those seemingly useless scraps of wrapping paper to good use!
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WhimWham,LLC Pineapple Party Piña Colada

Pineapple Party!

We are feeling the tropical vibes! We've got some fun ideas to turn your next summer bbq into a pineapple party!

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    WhimWham, LLC Summer Flowers Wrap Idea

    Wrap Idea!

    Happy Summer Flowers Wrap Idea.
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