Pineapple Party!

 WhimWham, LLC Pineapple Party Ideas

Now that summer is here we are feeling the tropical vibes! More than ever, we feel the need to find small ways to celebrate and make things festive. We came up with some simple ways to turn your ordinary backyard bbq into a pineapple party!

  1. Party like a pineapple with this yummy piña colada. Get the recipe here
  2. Nothing says summer like a snow cone! We wrapped plain cones in our Pineapple Party gift wrap for some tropical fun. Don't forget the umbrella!
  3. Individually wrapped snack cones have never looked better!
  4. Our pineapple party gift tags dress up a perfectly pink bottle of rosé. Great as a hostess gift. Find these tags here
  5. WhimWham Pineapple Party Gift Wrap has so many uses. Get yours here
  6. We dressed up some fruit skewers to give them a tropical vibe. Remember to wrap your skewers in wax paper first.


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