You've Been Booed!

It's the season of tricks and treats!  Join in the "Boo-ing" tradition and surprise your neighborhood friends with a little spooky or sweet treat! Download our free, printable boo-ing kit to make it fun and easy!  
Halloween Booing by WhimWham, LLC
We assembled a boo-ing basket complete with fun goodie boxes filled with Halloween candy, yummy sodas with silly straws and a spooky friend!
Booing Basket Ideas by WhimWham, LLC
We left our treats on our neighbor's porch and ran away. A successful "boo" means escaping without being caught!
Halloween Booing with WhimWham, LLC
Our favorite goblins had a blast on their "boo adventure!" Hope you have fun delivering your treats!
Click below to download your printable boo-ing kit:

You've been booed graphic by WhimWham, LLC

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