WhimWham - Our Story

It started with a whim, a friendship and a story about a goose.

Two friends with a love of art and an entrepreneurial spirit came together with the spark of an idea to start a business. We set out to celebrate the ritual of gift-giving and to design vibrant, thoughtful products for everyday life. Jenny, with her product marketing experience at Nike, and Marisa, with her background as an artist and industrial designer, joined their skills with a shared passion and WhimWham was born.

So, what is a whim-wham?

The definition of "whim-wham" is a fanciful or fantastic object. It dates back to the 1500's and there are many old sayings that use the word. We particularly love the expression, "I'm making a whim-wham for a goose's bridle." It was used as a funny or non-sensical answer to a question. A sarcastic brush-off. To us it means creating something that is fanciful and fun, to block out the distractions in life and revel in a moment of joy.

We choose:

To have a good day. To be the reason behind someone's smile. To create product that is a feast of color. A visual party, thoughtfully coordinated and beautifully adorned, like sprinkles on a cupcake. The cherry on top that makes you squeal with delight. From me to you with thoughtful intention. From me, for me, because today is a good day to have a good day.